Sitemap - 2022 - Grading for Growth

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The Grading for Growth Year in Review 2022

Who was Horace Mann?

We're taking a break!

Traditional grades are not objective

Assessment for Growth

Using a Class Journal to build writing skills

How (and why) to use video assessments in alternative grading

Partial grades for growth

Using a gradebook with alternative grading, part 2: Final grades

Using a gradebook with alternative grading, part 1: The basics

How to talk with administrators about alternative grading

Artificial Scarcity

Planning for Grading for Growth: The Final Countdown

Mythbusters: Ungrading edition

We submitted our book!

Planning for grading for growth: Fleshing out the feedback

Building Trust

We're taking an August break

Planning for grading for growth: Hitting the mark

Behind the scenes with the Grading For Growth book

Grading for Equity with Grading for Growth, part 2

Grading for Equity with Grading for Growth, Part 1

Planning for grading for growth: Finding focus

Happy July 4

Planning for grading for growth: Building the structure

Achievement goal orientations and alternative grading

What to do before you do alternative grading

Building meaningful student-instructor relationships

Happy Memorial Day

Case Study: Dustin Locke's "Levels System" in a writing-intensive Philosophy class

Doing alternative grading on a short schedule


Time for reflection

When is a number not a number?

Case Study: SBG in a large class -- Jennifer Momsen's introductory Biology

The heart of the loop: Reattempts without penalty

What does it mean to meet a standard?

Giving marks that indicate progress

Case Study: Hubert Muchalski's hybrid assessment system for Organic Chemistry

The care and feeding of Helpful Feedback

Case study: Kay C Dee's specifications-graded biomedical engineering course

How to write standards

Case study: How Joshua Bowman uses Standards-Based Grading in Calculus 1

What is Normed Grading and Why is it Necessary?

How alternative grading supports the "heads and hearts hypothesis"

Abundance and Scarcity

How specifications grading changed my view of academic dishonesty


Into the ungrading-verse

My first experiment with ungrading: Final review