This is a very very well-argued post. I agree that constantly generating additional assessments is a hassle AND that it's what we need to do to maximize our students' opportunities to learn. CheckIt sounds like a fantastic tool, but I think it's math-specific. For biology I've developed something called Test Question Templates (TQTs), which are not slick and automated but make it somewhat easier for faculty to spin off many variations of a problem (as summarized at my 2022 Grading Conference talk -- thanks for organizing!).

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I agree with giving assessments back for feedback. I also do not give final exams back for the same reason that no student cares about the feedback except to contest the grade if they are failing.

By not giving feedback on midterms and quizzes, we are missing out on why assessments are critical in learning.

There are about 30 years of AP calculus exams out there in the web and I do not see more people aceing the AP exam. Once there are 30 years of exams floating around, more power to the student if they do them all and hence do better on the exam. It is even more work than the HW assigned to the students.

What is bothersome is when current exams are floating around which have not yet been taken by others such as in mastery grading. That surely needs attention.

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