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Thank you for expressing so eloquently something I've been thinking/arguing for years. I'm a high school math teacher and I struggle with our traditional grading system every year. Lately I have been trying to express to my colleagues my gripe with grading in this one-and-done approach and how unfair it is to students who simply need more time to deepen their understanding of functions or proofs or (insert any major math concept here). It always feels so unjust and definitive. I also feel like a complete hypocrite when I tell my students that 'Grades do not define you', and then turn around and do exactly that.

This school year I'm taking a step in the right direction by implementing rich feedback, reflection, revision and retake in my classes. I anticipate some pushback from many teachers, parents, even students who are more used to traditional grading. But someone needs to start making waves. So why not let it be me?

Wish me luck!

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