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An important follow-up question to this post : are alt graders boardgame geeks ? I think we are onto something. ;)

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As someone married to a board game enthusiast, I love the metaphor here! The messaging is SO important, truly . . . being enthusiastic and welcoming without evangelizing is the goal. Thank you so much for this piece, David!

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David - you are officially my patron saint who is looking out for my best interest. I'm reading this a day before delivering a "short facilitated session" during our college's retreat tomorrow, a last-minute offer from the dean and one I could not refuse ;)

In all seriousness, this is a very important article where you show that you have thought deeply about this topic and that you care about where the alt-grading community goes as it grows. You do it so skillfully, that I may end up trying one of the games you linked to, or at least now I know where to look. Thank you.

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