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Reading this post was like looking in a mirror. One thing I struggle with (and many others, from what I hear) is ignoring the mostly positive feedback and dwelling on the occasional negative feedback. Documented responses like this let me know that I'm not alone.

In regards to the student complaint of "I work too much to spend time on resubmissions," I recall that Nilson's "Specifications Grading" cites a study showing that the average students spends half of the expected time on college out-of-class-work (e.g. 15 credits should equate to 30 outside hours, but its normally 15). I have yet to have a student who alerts me that they spend more than the syllabus-recommended time on the class. But, students seem to inherently compare their workload to other classes and to their perception of their classmates.

I'm curious now if I can find a way to report the number of resubmissions class-wide so everyone can see (kinda like I used to be told what the class average was on an exam)

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I'm curious if we have any data from instructors of various demographics, particularly queer instructors and women of color who tend to get more push back from students in general. I'm also wondering if there are alternatives to university learning management systems that may not allow the flexibility needed to display anything other than a numeric grade.

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