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Thanks so much for the informative post. I’ve had good success and positive feedback with using tokens. Even with tokens you can be flexible. If a student is working toward meeting a specification, I will allow them to hand in revisions or missing work related to that specification, even if they run out of tokens.

I’ve also had good success with “best by dates” and expiration dates. Students can start submitting work by the “best by dates”. Assignments are accepted anytime, up through the expiration date. Students can even revise work as long as the assignment is resubmitted before the expiration date. I usually keep a 2-3 week window open between best by and expiration dates. These windows allow flexibility with structure and prevent a grading jam that can happen if no due dates are given.

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Excellent discussion of the need to balance structure and flexibility. It reminded me of this blog post from biology instructor Jayme Dyer, who encapsulated the balance as structured learning but flexible grading, which I thought was pretty brilliant:


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