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A variant on stop/start/continue is a 2x2 “what’s something I the teacher should change / you the student should change / I the teacher should continue / you the student should continue”. I like asking them to reflect on both sides of the relationship.

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David, this is so great. Will share with my colleagues at Harvey Mudd who I'm sure will find something valuable here.

In the past I've often structured my evals using a model similar to "What works/what should change" model you suggest above with the tweak that I separate this into three sections: student, instruction, and course. Then I ask them to reflect on what has been working well and what should change in each of these areas. I think this helps to highlight that the learning that happens in the course is a community effort which requires effective participation and engagement from both the instructor and student. It also gives them an opportunity to separate the instruction from the course content and delivery methods.

This semester I think I'm going to try the start/stop/continue model and see how that works!

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