Thank you David and Robert for the "How to" series on alternative grading. I've been following and going through all of your exercises and I have a mostly complete syllabus ready to go (classes start next week for us).

For my Abstract Algebra course this Fall, I will be having three types of assignments: Preparing for Class (marked Incomplete/Complete), Weekly Homework (marked "Exceeds", "Meets", "Not Yet", resubmissions possible), and Perfect Proofs (marked "Exceeds", "Meets", "Not Yet", resubmissions possible). This will be the first time I am not having individual exams of any type... It feels strange to let those go.

Final grades depend on the various levels of achievement in each category. I'm happy to provide details if anyone is interested.

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May I use your Feedback Loop model to share with teaching professors? Do you have preferences for acknowledging your work?

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