I am a high school math teacher. My brother, a history professor at UNC-Chapel Hill, sent this to me and asked me if I liked this approach. My response was: "Yes, very much so. I'm going to read it a few more times. The one thing that concerns me is the reliance on homework. Homework is different in college than in high school. My students have 7 classes and spend every weekday at school, after which many of them have extracurricular activities and/or sports. College students have a lot more discretionary time. I do my best to keep the homework load (which I call practice problems and which I don't collect or grade) to a minimum. Still, I like this approach and could probably figure out a way to implement the essence of it." Have you any thoughts how this might work in a high school environment?

Glen Janken

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This is awesome, and I appreciate you doing this. Could you post all of the grade criteria (not just for an A)?

Keep us posted on how this goes!

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