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"avoid loaded terms" -- it is remarkable (pun intended) how much of your posts and how much of my conversations with colleagues/students is simply about defining terms. The overall idea of MBG is actually pretty simple, but explaining it in a way that is not misconstrued is a real challenge.

I'm 1 week in to my first MBG class. I think I've answered questions about the grading scheme on 4 separate days so far.

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I am in my second semester at a 22k-student state university, after teaching middle and high school to begin my education career. As I work towards converting my grading system, I am treating this research as a class for myself-- making flashcards and everything! I appreciate the depth of your work and the detail you have provided those of us following in your footsteps. I have read through many "start here" guides to ungrading, but this is the first post that makes me feel like I can actually start here.

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This might be my favorite comment of all time Kate. Thanks!

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