Mastery learning is a great approach, and it's important to ensure that formative assessment is mastery-oriented. Many instructors have been using publisher online or LMS quizzing for years now to achieve this. However, some observations and studies tend to overlook an important aspect when it comes to effective implementation - providing proper training to instructors. When instructors are given training on how to create a common syllabus and textbook and how to set up a final exam that is inclusive of all students, things tend to go smoothly.

I recall the example of a psychology class that had started using publisher quizzes and adopted a flipped classroom model. They made a common syllabus, met regularly, and had a common textbook. The passing rates increased noticeably, and all credit was given to the flipped class. Similarly, a seminal study on a pharmacy flipped classroom reduced the syllabus by 50%, and again, credit was given to the flipped class.

Through my own research, I have seen that a flipped classroom environment improves teamwork skills and the classroom experience. However, the final exam and concept inventory improved only by a small effect size when compared to a blended classroom that had the same resources available to both groups. Although the effect size would have been more significant compared to a traditional lecture class, it is still better to start with a blended course with common resources and instructor training than a flipped classroom, as it tends to have more buy-in from instructors and students.

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