Do this with final exam. Since questions are comprehensive, cumulative and at higher levels of Bloom's taxonomy, they represent several standards.

I assign a part of the "grade" to the standards met. I have written a VBA program to incorporate all the nuamces. Gave a separate excel sheet with VBA program to students as well. They can track their own exact standing. Canvas tracks the minimum grade they could make if they did not take retakes or scored lower in retakes.

Final exam is also a standalone grading component as it is a pre-req to several other courses.

Only half of the difference (if positive) in grades can be retrieved to be added to the "standard" score so far. They get one chance before this for a retake test on each standard with same retrieval policy.

I use topics as standards. I have eight topics - if I did standards, there will be at least 30. Doing this for 80-120 students would become ridiculous and inequitable (got a lot of students working 20hrs/week).

Our paper is under review and will write a blog for application when accepted.

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Do you find that you can reasonably decide which standards each student's work did, or didn't meet, when there are multiple standards on a question? I realized I couldn't do that consistently, which is one of the main reasons I stopped having multiple standards in that way. But if you've found a good way to clearly delineate standards within any solution, that could be very helpful.

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I do not use it to measure each standard and cannot claim to do so. But I treat each standard has been met to the extent of the overall grade in the question. It is approximate. And if the same standard shows up in another question, that also gets added up for the standard.

And then there are two MC questions per standard as well in the final exam, and they get added too. So, it all evens out as such. Very few students get their grade revised (will need to look at the excel sheet) as they would have had to bomb the original test as well as the retest on that standard.

Final exam average if 15-20% lower than tests and retests, and hence few grades getting updated.

My grading reported to student is both by numbers and SBG grading scales. My approach is more about multiple-chance testing and standards-based testing.

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